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Gosh, where to start. At the moment I feel like anytime I open up instagram, turn on the television, or buy a magazine I am inundated with wellness ideas, new fitness trends, or just someone screeching at me, “NEW YEAR NEW YOU.”

Well, what if I like the old me just fine? She’s pretty cool..

I am all about healthy habits and taking better care of yourself- and if it takes the New Year to launch that for some people and it’s genuinely helping them, then that’s awesome. However I think where most people (the screechers) get it wrong is that wellness means a lot of different things- it’s not really a spin class, committing to no sugar for 30 days, or diet books.

Wellness is taking care of yourself mentally. It’s saying no to things you don’t really want to do. It’s sitting down to read a book instead of scrolling through your phone. It’s getting in some form of movement daily. It’s worrying about your personal happiness.

Wellness is cooking balanced meals, knowing when you need a piece of cake instead of that salad, sitting down at the table with no distractions to eat.

Wellness is finding some form of fitness that you love and to stop doing the things that you don’t. Wellness is a long term outlook- not a short term crash diet and two a day HIIT workouts.

Wellness is checking in with yourself every single morning- do I feel good, do I have at least one thing on my calendar today that is just for me and my wellbeing, can I do one thing today for someone else that would make them happy.

Wellness is surrounding yourself with good people, texting friends when you need motivation, scheduling dates to catch up, supporting others when they are doing something awesome.

Wellness is not a fad, a crash, a sprint… it’s a marathon.

So just keep that in mind if you are overwhelmed with the amount of emails/ instagrams/ads over the next few weeks like I am- wellness means a lot of different things to different people.



Kris Drew