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Women's Retreat

Unbridle Your Creativity Women's Retreat November 15th-18th, 2018

Unbridle Your Creativity Women's Retreat  November 15th-18th, 2018. Rancho De La Osa, Arizona

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Ready to break free of what’s holding you back from your most creative self?

What if there was a place you could cultivate and fully express your creativity?  A place to write and reflect. A place to connect with horses, nature and the voice within which nudges you to write, paint, take pictures, sing...

And what if I told you that place was in the middle of the desert, amongst a backdrop of beautiful horses and rugged mountains, swapping stories, journaling, and sharing with like-minded women?

You wonder, is this creative retreat for you?

You’re stuck, restless, and frustrated with your life – with no clue how to bust out of your rut.

You’ve shelved your creative & adventurous self for your everyday, practical, “reality” self, and you’re aware that something MAJOR is missing from your life (read: you have more to express and offer!).

You want new friends and inspiring experiences, but you aren’t sure how to put yourself out there or where to find people who “get” you.

You’re a strong woman, no doubt. But you’re guarded, and you have a hard time being vulnerable and open.

So the big question is: what can you do about it?

You can unbridle your creativity and start having some fun... Sound like just what you need? Then you are the perfect candidate for The Unbridle Your Creativity Women’s Retreat.


It’s a retreat devoted to reconnecting to your creative self – with the help of horses, nature and like-minded friends.

We’re talking about experiencing unadulterated freedom as you ride through rustic mountains, with a smile on your face and the wind blowing through your hair.

You’ll be creating unbreakable bonds with other women-and feeling authentic connection and belonging-ness you probably haven’t felt in years.

Here nobody puts on a facade. This retreat is a place for you to be unabashedly you, to explore who you are with horses as your guides, to get clear about what you want from life and where you’re headed, and to laugh and swap stories with women like you…in the arena, on the trail, and through journaling. 

Freedom. Sisterhood. Connection. Healing. Horses. Journaling. Creativity.

This is an adventure retreat, a chance to break free of what holds you back...Think: Horseback riding (all levels welcome and encouraged), bonfires, great food, journaling, and unstructured time.

Who is this retreat for?

Women seeking creative inspiration, guidance, community, and spectacular adventure.

Women who know – not-so deep down – they aren’t expressing their authentic selves – and they’re SO ready to stop repressing their adventurous spirit and authentic nature.

Women who are ready to move past their creative blocks and create what their soul is calling them toward.

How do you know if you’re the right fit?

Drawn to horses and nature, but you’re stuck inside a fluorescently-lit “box” most days.

Not taking time for yourself to be creative, journal, reflect.  

Can’t remember the last time you had fun and let your hair down for some adventure.

Sick of feeling like you’re not “doing life right” or that there’s something massive missing from your life.

Tired of being the outsider and feeling like you just don’t fit in.

The Unbridle Your Creativity Retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to break away from whatever holds you back – your inner critic, society’s expectations – and give you the opportunity to fully express yourself!

You'll go home and gallop into your life with unbridled energy, inspiration, and a flow of new ideas. That's the power of creative energy, unbridled. Saddle up, cowgirl. 

You'll experience:

An intimate creative immersion experience of deepening your connection to yourself and others.

Through eye-opening, heart-stirring and freedom-creating personal work, we will explore what limiting beliefs and past experiences are keeping and stuck and feeling creative-less in your life. With equine gestalt coaching and journaling, you will finish unfinished business from you past and gallop forward to your future. 

  • The healing power of horses 
  • The power of your unbridled creativity 
  • Group journaling sessions and coaching 
  • Daily Horseback rides 

What you'll learn:

  • How to overcome your inner critic 
  • Creativity practices to keep you in "the flow"
  • Daily habits to make your creativity part of your routine

Get unstuck and gallop forward with your creativity! 

Arrive at Rancho de la Osa by 1pm for check-in and lunch.
2:15pm: Afternoon ride
4:30pm: Opening Circle
6:00pm: Cocktail Hour
6:30pm Evening Journaling Intro
7pm: Dinner
Moonlight bonfire

8am: Breakfast
Morning Journal Session
10am: Equine Coaching
Noon: Lunch
Afternoon ride
7pm: Dinner
Evening Journaling Session

8am: Breakfast
Morning Journaling Session
9am: Equine Coaching
Noon: Lunch
3:30pm: Trail ride
6pm Evening Journaling Session
7pm: Dinner

8am: Breakfast
Closing Journaling Session
9am: Equine Coaching
Noon: Lunch

Head to the airport, Happy Trails!

Pricing (all inclusive- meals, lodging, all horse activities, all journaling activities and coaching- does not include flights and transportation to and from the airport)

$2,195 (single room) 

$1,995 (double room per person) 

find our registration page and more information here

Please contact or if you have any questions